PRICEPARSER 3.0 is an Amazon repricing and Amazon price adjustment software that increases your sales, revenue, margin, and frequency of how often you win the Amazon Buy Box in the Amazon marketplace. The cheapest article price appears at the top of the Amazon price list and mostly in the Amazon Buy Box. Both are the decisive criteria for your sales. Several dozens of articles can still be manually optimized within a minimum of time. However, if you want to optimize the price of hundreds or thousands of items on Amazon, you will need a specific software such as PRICEPARSER 3.0 that easily implements Amazon repricing. It raises or lowers your article price below that of the competitor according to your specifications with a difference that you determine. This will put your optimized article price at the top of Amazon's list of prices and will more often come to the Amazon Buy Box.

Unbeatable value for money

Start your Amazon price optimization with PRICEPARSER for only 44,95 Euro plus VAT per months. All functions, no restrictions, no light version, full program instead. More information ...

Zero fees

We say NO to incalculable, sales-dependent monthly fees. Not with us. Apart from the purchase price for the annual usage license, you will not be charged any additional costs.

Safety at its best

PRICEPARSER 3.0 is a Windows software and not a cloud solution. All sensitive data concerning your Amazon account will remain on your computer and will not be transferred to the cloud.

Free decision

After the expiration of the 12-month license, you decide whether you want to renew it and purchase it again. You benefit from the full range of software features without any contractual obligations or notice periods. The decision lies exclusively with you!

Instruction & support

All interested parties will receive a non-binding introduction to the PRICEPARSER 3.0 functionality and free support within the trial period and after purchase.

No restriction

All marketplaces are available including Germany, France, Spain, England, Italy, USA. As many articles as you want. Various functions. Import and export interfaces. Simple and fast operation.


100 % data security

When designing and developing PRICEPARSER, it was crucial to us to guarantee the data security of our customers. This should ALWAYS be guaranteed. PRICEPARSER 3.0 is a Windows PC software that you install on your hardware. Your Amazon access data will be stored by you and are therefore protected against unauthorized access. No data is stored on external servers or external service providers.

Uncompromising customer service

In addition to the free, non-binding 14-day trial version including personal advice, installation and setup assistance, we are also available to you personally after the purchase. With advice, action and answers to all questions concerning PRICERPARSER 3.0 and beyond. In case of questions or problems, telephone support is available.

Fair partnership at eye level

With the purchase, you acquire a 12-month license. The use is NOT automatically extended. You do not enter into a contract and do not have to terminate the license. After 12 months the Amazon Repricing software stops working and you can decide whether or not to purchase a license again. This is what we call a fair partnership at eye level.

One price for everything

We know how entrepreneurs and online traders prefer to calculate. A fixed amount without variable components. For this reason, we do not charge any sales-related fees, basic fees or other fees in the pricing process. Apart from the purchase price for the annual usage license, you will not incur any further costs.

It must be simple

A software has to be intuitive and easy to use and quick to learn for beginners as well as professionals. Customers have repeatedly confirmed this to us. We do without gimmicks, confusing and incomprehensible functions and offer the user efficient tools and extensive features that are crucial for Amazon price optimization.

Continuous further development

What's good can also become better. That's why we are constantly improving the Amazon repricing and Amazon price optimization software PRICEPARSER 3.0. Updates and bugfixes are included in the purchase price and will be provided free of charge during the purchased period of use.

All included

PRICEPARSER 3.0 offers everything you need as an online retailer. All European marketplaces as well as the US marketplace, unlimited number of products, extensive functions, various import and export functions, fast processing of minimum and maximum price limits and much more.

Extensive documentation

Everything you need to know about PRICEPARSER 3.0 can be found in our extensive documentation. We have summed up all functions and features for you in detail and make them available to interested parties and customers at any time. Read how to install PRICEPARSER 3.0, how to create projects and how to optimize your prices.


Note: Flipboxes!


Changes the article price several times per hour.


The offer price does not change or changes rarely.


Optimizes margins and promotes sales.


The margin is poorly optimized and does not promote sales.


Sales and revenues increase significantly.


Sales get lost and never come back.


Automated price changes and low effort.


Manual changes require a lot of effort.


More often in the Amazon Buy Box and more sales.


Articles rarely or not at all appear in the Amazon Buy Box.


You save time for essential things.


The manual effort is very high.


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